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Why 60MSP?

Studies have shown that strategic planning can have a significant positive impact on the financial performance of a business—when attention is paid to plan implementation. The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is the tool you need to get your plans launched, tracked and executed. Sign up today!

“More than ever before, the best strategies are irrelevant if they take too long to formulate”

Dr Kathleen Eisenhardt,
Professor of Strategy and
Organization, Stanford University

A simple system with quick results

Traditional strategic planning is normally a time-consuming, complicated process that sucks up resources many business owners think are better spent on other things.

We agree. That’s why we developed the 60 Minute Strategic Plan, a process that is simple in format and, therefore, quick to complete, easy to communicate, and easy to adjust.

One page in one hour

Once you learn the 60 Minute Strategic Plan process (and it’s a quick study), the time to complete a first draft plan for any issue you identify will take between 30 and 60 minutes—really. That’s because you write a total of about 300 words on one page. Short and sweet gets it done.

And that’s a good thing, because the shorter your strategic plan, the more likely people will be to read and understand it. No one has the time or desire to slog through a 50-page plan—unless the poor soul is suffering from a prolonged bout of insomnia.

“If you write a big plan, you’ll most likely never look at it anyway. Plans more than a few pages long just wind up as fossils in your filing cabinet.”

- Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson,

  of the best-selling business book Rework.

Strategy and tactics: a powerful formula

The 60 Minute Strategic Plan process consists of 12 steps in two stages. The first stage comprises the first six steps and is visionary in nature: a right brain, creative process. This is where you create all of the outcomes you desire for the strategic issue you identify in step 1.

Collaborate. Track. Remind.

The 60 Minute Strategic Plan web-based application has all of the bases covered when it comes to creating and executing your plans. It enables you to:

  • Create multiple plans for each of your business issues
  • Collaborate with your teammates on plan specifics, reach agreement and obtain buy in
  • Set up schedules for your strategic initiatives and track associated tasks and due dates
  • Set up automated e-mail reminders for tasks to ensure they get done
  • View automated reports on plan progress

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