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The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is an innovative problem-solving and planning software application that enables you to:


Creating a Strategic Plan

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To create a new plan, on your dashboard, you simply click on the Create New Plan button. You can read a text tutorial or view a video tutorial to learn about each step. You can also view Examples by clicking on the Examples tab.

You enter the name of the strategic issue in the provided field. Once you click Save, the name of the issue appears. You can move to the next step in the process by clicking the Next Step arrow. You can also exit out of the step to return to your dashboard.

Once you create a plan it appears in your issues list on your dashboard. You can open the planning template by clicking on the name of the issue. Each completed step is shaded grey. In the center of the clock hands, the total percentage of plan completion displays. You can navigate to any step in the process by clicking on the text area for the step.


Managing Account Settings and Users

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Setting up and managing your account and account users is easy.

  • As the account owner, you use the Account & Settings menu to set up your own profile and your company’s profile, invite other members to view your plans and manage your billing information.
  • When setting up a profile, you can insert a photo, change your e-mail address and password, and include other contact information.
  • You can also select the types of notifications you receive regarding each plan you have access to, including feedback, update, comment, and review notifications.
  • When setting up your company, you can include location, website address, main phone number, and a logo.
  • As the administrator, you can also manage your account. You can upgrade or downgrade your account type, select a billing period, and choose whether to be billed on a recurring basis.
  • Also as the administrator, you can invite new users and edit the type of access each user has by individual plan and by level of access.


Collaborating and Obtaining Feedback

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In the 60 Minute Strategic Plan application collaborating with other team members and attaining feedback is easy.

  • The Add Comment button enables team members that have access to a plan to provide comments about the step. They can also upload files they want to associate with that comment.
  • There is also a Feedback button that enables you to send an e-mail directly to an individual asking specifically for his or her feedback about a step.


Assigning Strategic Champions and Task Owners

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During the course of creating your plan you can:

  • Assign champions or owners to each strategic initiative you identify in Step 10.
  • Select the owner for each task you identify in step 11 as well as a due date for the task.

Once these are entered into the application, you can view upcoming due dates for all plans, by individual plan, and by specific user on your planning dashboard. You can also see a running list of the latest activities, again by user, individual plan, and for all plans.


Tracking and Monitor your Plan’s Progress

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Once you’ve completed your plan, you need to track and monitor plan progress to ensure that the plan is implemented through to completion. The application enables you to:

  • Track actions through to completion.
  • Monitor your vital signs, enter measurement, and track completion.


Print Reports and Export Data

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The application makes it easy to print both:

  • A detailed report showing all content in the selected plan.
  • A Strategic Initiatives Report showing the champion for each initiative, action items, task owners, and due dates.

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