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Our Customers

The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is used in 27 U.S. states, Canada, England, Australia, and the Caribbean, and has been proven to work —and work well — by over 10,000 CEOs and senior managers in hundreds of industries processing thousands of issues.

Here’s what just a few of our customers have to say about the 60 Minute Strategic Plan…

“After going through the 12 steps, we were able to come up with a very effective plan that led to a $340,000 sale with a new client. I will continue to use this process on all our current and future issues. We are going to adopt this system throughout the different departments within our company. Thank you for the easy to follow strategic planning methods that helped us gain the competitive advantage over our competition.”

Bill Grant,
- President, Kraken Automation Inc., Ontario, Canada

“Our Board found the 60 Minute Strategic Plan process a straight-forward, easy to understand concept that was not intimidating, and that helped us produce strategic and action plans with real, measurable goals.”

Kenneth Young,
Executive Director, Sacramento District Dental Foundation, Sacramento, CA

“It was as if we had been walking around in the dark and suddenly someone had turned on the lights. I have been an entrepreneur and CEO for 20 years. The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is the first methodology that I’ve used to successfully create a plan succinctly and implement it quickly. I would emphatically recommend your process to any leader who is committed to moving his or her organization to a higher level of performance.”

Timothy J. Leach
President and CEO, FP Technologies, Inc., Bowling Green, OH

“The 60 Minute Strategic Plan took an ambiguous target and created order, and helped me stay on track and focus my energy and that of others.”

Chris Sordi
President and CEO, Capital Commerce Mortgage, Sacramento, CA

“While the 60 Minute Strategic Plan is very useful for strategic planning, my CEO clients have found that it is even more powerful for operational planning issues. My clients address pithy operational issues with excellent results.”

John Bock
Coach/Mentor to CEOs, San Francisco, CA

“I have used the 60 Minute Strategic Plan to analyze the prospects for a new venture. It got me to focus on the make or break issues and pull the concept out of the dream stage.”

Harry Fair
CEO, Brogden Group LLC, Denver, CO

“The 60 Minute Strategic Plan provided us with a very different view of our business and opened up our tunnel vision.”

David Baker
CEO, Robb-Jack, Lincoln, CA

“Some of my clients are fairly advanced in their planning process and were very skeptical that the 60 Minute Strategic Plan would be able to bring them anything of value. They turned out to be the most enthusiastic supporters. So, whether you have old pros or relative novices, everybody benefits from the 60 Minute Strategic Plan.”

Andy Rockford
Vistage Chair, Chicago, IL

“The 60 Minute Strategic Plan made strategic planning fun. It works when you come to the hard part, which is the implementation and accountability of your intentions.”

Robert Levine
CEO, Schoolhouse Software, Rocklin, CA

“My management team and I used the 60 Minute Strategic Plan as the format for our company planning session. It was time efficient and allowed everybody to be involved, thereby creating a plan we could all live with and commit to.”

Steve Villoria
President and CEO AMD Visual Communications, Del Mar, CA

“After completing the 60 Minute Strategic Plan, I knew I was not on the path I wanted in life. Within 30 days, I sold my business and started to tackle my passion. It’s the best spent 60 minutes of my career.”

Paul Katsch
CEO, EmediaC, Inc., Hanford, CA

“My clients were enabled to quickly identify winning strategies to overcome key business challenges in a very fast and compelling way.

Robert. K. Leonard
Vistage Chair, Sonoma, CA

“From the perspective of a consultant, this tool gives me something I had not expected. When one client was asked, ‘What benefit have you received from the 60 Minute Strategic Plan?’ she replied, ‘Realizing my major purpose in life.’ Wow!.”

Jennifer Capella
CEO, The Capella Group, Seattle, WA

“I learned a new tool to process perceived opportunities and a detailed way to really think through things, evaluate strategies, and use it as a road map for course correction.”

Pat Patrick
CEO/President Lodi Chamber of Commerce, CA

“The 60 Minute Strategic Plan gave me a clear and easy way to develop a game plan to solve issues not only within my company, but in another partnership. This can even be used in person life choices.”

Sharon Rusconi
President, Lesron Insurance Agency Inc, Sacramento, CA

“Now I have something I can run with. Something I can use for my company, my team, and my own business goals. I can pull in folks without wasting their extraordinarily valuable time. I love it.”

Jim Harris
Owner, Neighborly Realty, Roseville, CA

“A simple, quick and effective business tool”

Stephen C. Patterson
President, Central Valley Builders Supply, Napa, CA

“Within days we were able to source talent and allocate resources to create a new business concept. Within a month of developing the plan, we have made our first foray into U.S. markets and feel confident with the investment.”

Catherine Mossop
CEO, Mossop Cornellison and Associates, Toronto, Canada

“The 60 Minute Strategic Plan has a structure that allowed our company to complete a strategic plan in an efficient manner. Our people like the process. It’s allowed us the right balance of pushing and letting us discuss and discover the issues. It became a critical piece in my leadership. I think everybody should do use it.”

Timothy Waits
President and CEO, John Davis Co., Sacramento, CA

“It’s way more interesting and helpful than I imaged! The system is what I needed to get refocused and reenergized about moving plans forward. I’m going to embark on my first plan soon.”

Randy Safier
Product Manager, Productive Systems, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI

“In the past, we have either tended to get bogged down in debating theory and concepts or get overwhelmed by minutiae. The 60 Minute Strategic Plan has provided me with a process for not only organizing my thoughts but as a communications tool for driving implementation.”

Richard C. Thompson, Ph.D.
Dean School of Business, Jones International University, Centennial, CO

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